BOUNCE WITH ME (Official Video) Tallant Don @Tallantdon1 #BounceWithMe #TallantDon #BlessUpRecords

BOUNCE WITH ME (Official Video) 

Tallant Don @Tallantdon1 

#BounceWithMe #TallantDon #BlessUpRecords

Check out the new exclusive video by Canda's own TALLANT DON "Bounce With Me". Don't forget to comment, share and always follow the artist!


The song is about not letting anybody especially haters stop you from achieving your goals & dreams. All my life people told me I wouldn’t make it and that my vision of things are crazy to them because these haters can’t think by themselves. I’ve Had many hardships but always managed to get back up and heads up each time and had success in many different areas. This song is also saying my music has been in my DNA for a long time, I breath it and the main goal is not to get famous. It’s just part of my soul and I got unique style so I’m just going to keep going. I’m telling my audience and people to keep BOUNCING WITH ME because there will be other songs and hits coming up.



(Just to explain my stage name, so Tallant is for Talent and the Allan in Tallant is my 2nd name. Don means gifted or spiritually gifted in French and also it would mean a boss or someone that is a master at what he does).Long story Short, born in a small town in the region of Qu├ębec, Canada in 1986. As a youngsta, I was already passionate about music and specially making & putting samples together on a keyboard, writing rhymes & putting my vocals on tapes. I was already recording tapes on this old school radio tape recorder around the age of 8 or 9. I didn’t even know that hip-hop was a thing until I heard the song Gangsta’s paradise from Coolio & I was like that sounds so fucking amazing. So after that, It came naturally the kind of music I wanted to do even though as an artist.
I’m open minded to any styles of music but hip-hop and rap came natural to me and I just love the sound of it and writing lyrics & making songs is like a therapy. So at a young age I left the house and moved around a lot of cities and places and created my own underground studio. So I was making a lot of songs and beats with many people but wasn’t focused 100% on my own craft, so I put down the music for many years as it was kinda hopeless. Until a couple years ago, I took back out my old lyrics and songs and started listening to them and it hit me and the passion came right back. So like 2 weeks later I recorded my song “ Just like bros “ and now I’m releasing my 6th single in less than a year and I got more coming. I will eventually put all this together and put out an album. We’ll see what the future holds, STAY TUNED FOR MORE.



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