@KethShab Is On The Come Up Representing The Tamil Music Scene #KethShab #TamilMusicScene #NewAgeRap

 Is On The Come Up Representing 
The Tamil Music Scene 
#KethShab #TamilMusicScene #NewAgeRap
Shab Keth is an up-and-coming new age rap artist representing the Tamil music scene. It is his goal to revolutionize the way the world sees Tamil musicians and share a positive and relatable message

"Breez View follows a story, beginning with my first album ‘Outside Persepctive’. This view refers to my own, reflecting on past relationships, motivations for why people do things, and ultimately how to process changes life that take us by surprise. This EP begins on a light tone moving to deeper vibes than the need for peace in the last track named serenity. I made these songs thinking about the different moods I would be put in reflecting on things changing, feeling motivated to work and move on - make a better change, and feeling in need of peace. The ep was recorded in my bedroom before taking to studio to get a final version, remembering my emotions to ensure the tones are reflective of this in the vocals." - Shab Keth

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