New Video "American Revival" Saved By Grace @BandSaved #AmericanRevival #SavedByGrace

New Video "American Revival" 

Saved By Grace @BandSaved

#AmericanRevival #SavedByGrace

A Word From the Artist!
The song, American Revival, was as most of the songs I write, first written for my church (I am a pastor). I do not shy away from end time discussions, nor do I shy away from Bible prophecy. Hence this song epitomizes today’s culture and the need for a revival in this country. Many of the signs of the times are included in the lyrics of the song and many would say these are “end time” signs. Therefore the last verse states that America needs a revival before the end begins. I strongly feel that the Holy Spirit has a significant impact on not only my life but also my song writing. This song is certainly no exception.
This song along with four others, soon to be released, was recorded at OmniSound Studios in Nashville TN. These songs were produced by Dean Miller. I feel that by taking this project to Nashville there was a certain country rock music flare infused into each of these songs. I know that only by Divine Intervention did Dean Miller, son of Roger Miller, and owner of Dean Miller Entertainment, notice me on the internet and extend an invitation to go down there and record. I in no way sought him out nor had any intention of going to Nashville to record music. I certainly am glad that I did.

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