Bad Boy Curse??? The shady side of Diddy’s BILLION dollar empire #BFTV #BadBoyCurse #MusicIndustry

Bad Boy Curse???

 The shady side of Diddy’s BILLION dollar empire 

#BFTV #BadBoyCurse #MusicIndustry 

We've all heard the rumors about what goes on in the industry and have seen some receipts of what goes on behind closed doors at exclusive/private hollywood parties & events.  We have been able  to  a peek inside "the life" with hard luck stories for many of our brighest stars on shows such as "Unsung". "Bad Boy Records" P Diddy or Sean Puffy Combs label burst onto the music scene in the 90's and left an undeniable mark in hip hop & r&b forever. While the music and the joy of seeing so many assumed successful black artist emerging with great songs and rags to riches stories behind the scenes many of the artist attached tot he label have complained of never receiving the money they deserved or getting no money at all. There are claims of mistreatment and 360 deals that have spanned 10 plus years. Of all the talent that has come through the Bad Boy family why have so many artist left? Why so many broke? Why so many felt they had to turn to a higher power? What is really going on? Diddy is a big supporter of black excellence and he even speaks out about how the disparity in the industry for black artist but what about the disparity for Bad Boy artists? Sound off in the comments below and don't forget to follow the label. 


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