HBCU Lincoln Closes After 157 Years #HBCU #LincolnUniversity #EndOfAnEra

HBCU Lincoln Closes After 157 Years 

#HBCU #LincolnUniversity #EndOfAnEra

The pandemic has affected many in this society as covid continues to rage on. Citizens and community staples have been affected in major way. Inflation, unemployment, countless deaths and the financial woes of big business along with everyday american citizens. Lincoln university survived the economic crisis of 1887, a major campus fire in 1912, Spanish Flu of 1918, The Great Depression and more. Now after 157 years the predominately black institution closes its doors for the last time. With all the financial bail outs provided by the government to banks, big business etc. why Lincoln University was left out is a real head scratcher. This closure not only leaves students looking for a new higher education institution but staff looking for new gainful employment. As Lincoln was one of the biggest employers in the community  Check out the story below!

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