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#BlackGenezQueens #Ntuneentgrp

Black Genez Make Blue Jeans Tite, Curvy & Caking!

BLACK GENEZ MAKE BLUE JEANZ TITE is a movement to unify Black women across the African Diaspora to embrace the beauty and, more importantly, the power, of the distinctive physical characteristics that identify them, first and foremost as Black Women, globally! From their natural hair, dark to light brown complexion, rhythmic movements and expressions and their "signature" shape and bottom line, exclamation point, prominent derriere which drives "contemporary fashion and music industries as well as pop culture, in general to the exclusion of the Black women who bare it! Due to colonialism and slavery, Black women focus more on their differences than their similarities (as do Black people in general), however, the physical similarities created by God, identify women who belong to the same group, despite the present nations in which they reside, adopted European language or culture. The Black Genez that make Blue Jeanz Tite are the boldest, most uncompromising physical feature of the Black Brand! This was evident in the movie, "Skin" when they examined the teeth, hair and derriere of the Black Girl to determine a "court ruling of her race! Black women of Africa, the Carribean, South America, the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, etc., embrace your shape and your Black Genez that make Blue Jeanz Tite!

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