@DillardVicki Checks Uncle Ro Ro✅/Boondocks Reboot🎬/@DrBoyceWatkins1 Interviews @NewEmergingKing ✊🏿#VickiDillard #DrBoyce #KingRandall

@DillardVicki Checks Uncle Ro Ro✅

Boondocks Reboot🎬

@DrBoyceWatkins1 Interviews @NewEmergingKing ✊🏿

#VickiDillard #DrBoyce #KingRandall

@DillardVicki Checks Uncle Ro Ro✅

Vicki Dillard the queen of new black media is always purposed and on point. Check out how she masterfully delivers  powerful commentary/clarity in reference to the disturbing interview Roland Martin had with a 21 year old champion, King Randall. Get ready for the "War Briefing Family". Leave Comments Below!!

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Boondocks Reboot🎬 
Boondocks on the way back??? As a fan of the Boondocks I'm excited and a little skeptical about the reboot of one of the (in my opinion) best animated series of all time returning.  Since the untimely passing of John Witherspoon will the Boondocks be able to carry on with he same flair "grandad" brought to the show?.What do y'all think? Will the show be the same? Are you excited for the reboot? Leave comments below!!


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Listen to Dr Boyce interview the 21 year old King Randall, the way Roland Martin should have. This young man deserves applause for all his work, he's done more in 21 years then many have done their whole life. Let's applaud this young man cause he definitely deserves it. Check out the exclusive interview below and feel free to leave comments!!

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