Tim Norman Of "Sweetie Pies" Charged In Murder For Hire Of His Nephew??? #SweetiePies #TimNorman #AndreMontgomery

Tim Norman Of  "Sweetie Pies" 
Charged In Murder For Hire Of His Nephew??? 

#SweetiePies #TimNorman #AndreMontgomery

As a fan of the show and just overall fan of black excellence I was shocked to read this story early this morning. Robbie Norman an ex Ikette from the Ike & Tina Turner Review severed her vocal cords but that didn't stop her she was a heck of a cook and opened her own restaurant which turned into a franchise "Sweetie Pies". Miss Robbie being all about family had many family and friends working with her in her many restaurants the most notable of these is her son Tim. Tim the go to guys gets things done but many at times moving at a pace that is uncomfortable for his mother which causes some on screen friction which during the last season led to a lawsuit. Some how they always seem to come back together and make things work. 

Rewind back to 2016 Andre Montgomery Tim's nephew and Miss Robbie's grandson was murdered no arrest were made. Now in 2020 Tim Andre's Uncle is being charged in a murder for hire plot resulting in death of his nephew to obtain life insurance policy monies. Apparently Tim took out a 450,000 life insurance policy on Andre with himself as sole recipient. This story is just sad all around in the last days you could see how happy Andre was to be graduating high school and turning his life around. He was a young man who had made some mistakes but really appeared to be ready to turn over a new leaf and unfortunately his life was cut short before he could do so. I'm hoping this story is NOT true but either way R.I.P. to Andre and let's remember him with that infectious smile celebrating with family. 

R.I.P. Andre Montgomery
10/14/1994 - 03/16/2016


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