@Ntgmcee Product Review Edge Naturale Part 1 #EdgeNaturlale #NTG #NtuneEntGrp

Product Review 
Edge Naturale Part 1

 #EdgeNaturale #NTG #NtuneEntGrp

My Thoughts
So here at Ntune Ent. we love to support new, innovative & environment friendly products. Today I decided to try out a new product i found online that professes to restore damaged edges in their own words ""Revive Your Edges, Naturally, Quickly, and Easily With Edge Naturale. 

This will be a 4 part review where i will post weekly about the progress of this intriguing new product. So far i can say it smells great and i definitely felt the tingle when applying to my edges. With any product you use be sure to all have clean,dry hair unless advised otherwise via the product label. Follow ya girl weekly and check out my progress with Edge Naturale.

Product Overview 
 Edge Naturale products were created to enhance follicle growth in difficult to grow areas of hair and to promote overall hair growth from the scalp. Our unique blend is formulated to revive thinning edges, bald spots, beards and even eyebrows. For best results, we recommend that you use our products consistently, two times daily. Most of our customers see significant re-growth in as little as two weeks.


Need A Product Review 


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