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Get to know Jersey's Own


#Jersey #RockboyRecords #RnB #4Give&4Get

Rhythm and blues music a pastime that is far behind this current generation.That was until Southern New Jersey's favorite sons 120 came together.120 brings the R&B group back to the forefront in style with twists containing spins on the topics of love, life,Pain and pursuing your dreams for the masses and generations to come. The members of 120 are natives of Southern New Jersey, Baby Boy (Camden NJ) Niko (Atlantic City NJ) & Sam Anthony (Elwood NJ). The members of 120 began there brotherhood by working at a local candy store in the Ocean One Mall in Atlantic City named "The Fudgery". It was at The Fudgery 120 bond and brotherhood grew.CHRISTOPHER “NIKO” MORTON, born to parents in Atlantic City took to music almost instantly from his mother’s womb, by the time Niko was five, he had fallen into a deep love affair with music, so much so that his mom put him in a play. By the time Niko reached middle school age, it was apparent to his parents and him that all musical genres had taken deep root in his heart, and wanted his soul to marry into the dream of him entertaining millions. Although he has a commanding stage presence that forces audiences and people in general to take notice, it is the honesty and fearlessness of his lyrics that truly leaves followers screaming for more. LORENCE “BABYBOY” GREEN, Is a Camden native and feels very strongly about his hometown and not forgetting where you come from. “I’ve been a singer/performer since I could walk“.

Babyboy has performed on the same stage with Legendary artists such as The Blue Notes, The Intruders, After 7, Erika Badu, Floetry, and the Delphonics. The self proclaimed musical perfectionist lives , breathes and eats music and won’t stop until his and the groups dreams and fulfilled! “For me, it’s Go hard or go home 2 Nasty 4 Tv“!SAMUEL"SAM ANTHONY" DeLosSantos was born in Elwood NJ. At age 4 it was apparent to Samuel's parents that there only child had something very unique and very special about him.. His charm an natural knack for story tell proved to his parents there child would find himself nothing short of center stage. Wasn't till age 7that Samuel's parents truly understood the dynamic of their child's special abilities.. And it was also at age 7 where Samuel would be faced with his first obstacle being diagnosed with alopecia. For many years Samuel found himself in a uncomfortable positioned, seeing first hand the power of words an how they effected not only himself but other people.. Samuel found comfort in conveying thru his words how it felt and what life was like through his eyes.. People began to listen. That wasn't enough for Samuel. Samuel always knew that though his words touched people but there was a bigger plat form for his message. And Samuel abilities didn't just lie in his words but, the melody in which they word delivered.120 accomplished many great things in the short time since they began. The group has been blessed with being on stage at BET’s 106 & Park, NBC the 10 show, and various charity events which include: Comcast event for Insulin and many local TV shows including Delaware’s The Tim Qualls show. All the hard work 120 put forth has not gone unnoticed as 120 has also taken home many awards such as: 2009 96.9 Wtth The touch/Alternative Soul Award (Best R&b Group), The South Jersey Music award (Best new artist & best duo or group 2011), 3 Elephant Talk award (Best R&B Band 2011,2012 & 2013),Alternative Soul Award (Outstanding persons of 2010), AC weekly 2012 Nightlife Award (Best local band 2012) ( Nominated 2 times for Best Male R&b Group for the New York Underground Music Awards 2010 & 2011) Winners for BEST Male R&B GROUP At 2012 New York Underground Music Awards U.M.A"s Winners of Best Male Rnb Band for the 2014 Elaphant Music Talk Awards.120 is constantly reaching to achieve the next level performing with artist such as Bobby V, Donell Jones,Case, Mike "Bass" McCarey Of Legendary group Boyz II Men,Day 26,Brian McNight,Debrah Cox & Marlon Jackson of the Legendary Jackson 5. Many have asked the age old question, where does the name 120 come from, but few realize that the response is actually right under their noses... Its the Symbol for Change. 
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