"Oprah Would Have Been A Field N#*GER" Rae Dawn Chong 😱 #Oprah #RaeDawnChong #Ntuneentgrp

 "Oprah Would Have Been A Field N#*GER" 

Rae Dawn Chong 😱 

#Oprah #RaeDawnChong #Ntuneentgrp

Let me preface this post by saying this is not a pity party or rally cry for Oprah Winfrey but the following content is so disturbing I couldn't help but share and get feedback on how colorism and body shaming is still very much alive & well in the entertainment industry. Rae Dong Chong goes all the way in on Oprah including; comments toward her color, weight and she even goes so low as low as to reference her would be position on the plantation. It's known that the fair skinned slave generally would be in the house and have somewhat better treatment than that of the darker slaves (field hands). Listen to the audio below and leave comments. 
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