Sherriff Deputy Attack On Black Teen #AdminLeave #BLM #WhenIsEnoughEnough #PoliceThePolice


 Sherriff Deputy Attack On Black Teen 

#AdminLeave #BLM #WhenIsEnoughEnough #PoliceThePolice

Let me start off with a question, If we (9 to 5) workers attacked someone at our job would we be placed on leave or fired? How many officers of the law abusing power are going to get placed on leave. Although this behavior is nothing new the lack of consequences is really becoming disheartening. Law's must be changed to bring justice to black folks. First step is to correct the 3/5ths clause to 5/5ths no compromise and shouts to Mr. Weaver for explaining the importance of such a change. If you're not even seen as a whole person how can law and order apply to you. Check out the video below and feel free to leave comments. 



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