Jaguar Wright Spilling Major Tea ... Fact or Fiction? Check It Out #theroots #erykahbadu #jillscott #common

 Jaguar Wright Spilling Major Tea 

Fact or Fiction?

 Check It Out 

 #theroots #erykahbadu #jillscott #common

 If you don't know Jaguar Wright is a very soulful singer from Philadelphia who is most commonly (no pun intended) known for her monstrous live performance with Jayz where she showed just how much soul she has. Well the soul has hit the fan literally, Miss Wright is spilling some major tea with the fresh passing of original founding member of the roots (Malik B). Unhappy with the treatment of Malik B among other artists she notes in her youtube revelation, Jaguar goes all the way in. She even eludes to a possible sexual assault by popular rapper "Common". Check out the video below and you be the judge.


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